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"Crumbs From the Table of Joy," raucously challenging any actress, brave enough to take her on, to do her justice."  "Nicole Callender gives a stunning, totally organic portrayal of Lily Ann."

"Freemen and Lunatics"


"The best performance of the evening, however, belongs to Nicole Callender as Delta.  Strong-willed, beautiful, shrewd and determined, her desire to be free becomes her mantra." ....."Callender's performance alone is worth the price of admission."

"A Midsummer Night's Dream"


"I recommend Freemen and Lunatics for it's moments of fine acting-especially by Nicole Callender as Delta; for its look into a Cincinnati which was -even then-prejudiced against and distrustful of outsiders; and most important, for the insight it gives into the facts and fallacies of freedom."

"The Best Little Whore House in Texas"


"The Good Times are Killing Me"

"....Those in the cast of 15 give consistently high quality performances from top to bottom."

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